Effect of snowfall on steel structures in the west bank Risk Assessment study
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In the last decade, several steel structures in Palestine were damaged partially or completely due to snowfall and its accumulation. Losses were mainly in the assets and domestic animals. Such damages to existing structures are expected to increase in the future, if not properly addressed, due to climate change effects in the region that represented for snow by the increase of: (i) frequency of snowfall; (ii) spatial coverage for severe events; (iii) depths averages; and (iv) melting period. These events are alarming to decision makers, engineering practitioners, contractors and assets owners involved in licensing, designing constructing, and operating steel structures. Several cases of damaged structures were analyzed by SAP2000 to account for causes of damages. Damages of structures were mainly attributed to poor design and construction practices, with absence of regular check-ups and maintenance. Climate change urges a modification in the adopted design codes in Palestine for the design snow loads.  


Keywords: Climate change; Palestine; Snowfall; Steel structures.

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The Seventh International Jordanian Civil Engineering Conference Reconstruction of Damaged Zones
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March 10, 2017 - March 12, 2017
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