Andalusian Political and Cultural Life During the Reign of Umayyad Prince Al-Monthir Bin Muhammad (273-275 H.\886-888 A.D)
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The main focus of this study is the political and cultural situations during the reign of Prince Al-Monthir Bin Muhammad (273-275H./886-888A.D), whose era represents an important station in the history of the Umayyad Emirate in Al-Andalus. His short reign almost dwarfs the general characteristics of the country at that time. In this era, the country experienced a political and geographical fragmentation; by rebel movements in Toledo, the Upper March, the West and the South of  Al-Andalus; with encouragement and support of Christian  Kingdoms. Despite the qualities of power, strength and firmness of Al-Monthir; his short reign did not enable him to achieve remarkable achievements in pushing these dangers away, so most of his efforts went in vain, then he paid his life as a price. Some believe that if his regime lasted long enough, he would have been able to create a big change in the features of the political map in Al-Andalus. Troubled political conditions did not prevent the emergence of many of his cultural exploits; especially with regard to his ministers, governors, judges and the religious architecture, literature and poetry during his reign.

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