Once powers are concentrated are likely to remain so?’
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The aim of this paper is to analyse and assess the Palestinian political system with an emphasis on the semi-presidential system as adopted after the 2003 amendments to the BL. It will start by presenting the semi-presidential system in theory, and its main subtypes as implemented in France and Germany. Then, it will present the Palestinian political system that the BL created in 2002 and how it moved into a semi-presidential system in 2003.It will also clarify why this transition happened in 2003. Finally, it will demonstrate that the practical and theoretical constitutional challenges faced by the semi-presidential system were experienced in the development of the Palestinian constitutional framework. This paper will argue that the current semi-presidential system is bound to lead the PA into a political deadlock and is therefore, in its current form, ineffective as a political system for the Palestinian state. 

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Constitutional World Congress 2014
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June 20, 2014 - June 24, 2014
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