Impact of Waste Water on The Physico-Chemical Quality of Water Sources In Bed of Oued Essaquia Elhamra In South of Morocco
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Original research
  • Errich, A.
  • S. El Hajjaji
  • L. Mandi
  • M. Fekhaoui
  • B Rezzouki
  • S. Jodeh
  • K. Azzaoui
  • A, Lamhamdi
  • O. Hamed
  • R. Salghi
  • A. Rasem Hasan
  • G. Hanbali

The springs of water in the bed of Oued Essaquia Elhamra object of our study, were chosen to illustrate impacts of entropic
activities on the physico-chemical quality of these waters of springs. The analysis of the situation concerning spring, shows a
rather important potential in quantity of water.However, the physico-chemical quality of the water is very low, characterized by
very high mineralization and constituents at this state a source of degradation of the immediate environment, furthermore the
results of the physicochemical parameters indicators of pollution : COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD5 (biochemical
oxygen demand over 5 days), dissolved oxygen (DO), nitrate (NO3), nitrite (NO2), ammonium (NH4
+), Kjeldahl nitrogen NTK,
phosphates (total PT and orthophosphate PO4
2-), etc. stipulate that the waters in thesesources are exposed to heavy pollution
expressed by those parameters that exceed standards. In the absence of polluting industry in the city of Laayoune; it appears
that this pollution is mainly due to domestic wastes, washing stations, hospitals and, climatic agents onsedimentary rocks is
responsible for high concentrations of certain chemical elements such (Cl-, SO4
2-, B, Ca2+ ... ).The principal component
analysis (PCA) was performed using average values for each parameter, results reveal the existence of a relatively marked
temporal variation of these descriptors, showing four different stations in groups according to their physico-chemical quality
and the level of contamination by sewage discharges.

International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM)
International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM)
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