Environmental assessment of radon in household rainwater cisterns in Palestine
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Conference Paper


The main objective of this study was to assess Radon concentration in the harvested rainwater (HRW) at the household level in Yatta area, Palestine that is mainly used for drinking as it is the major source of water for domestic uses due to water scarcity. Ninety HRW samples from the households’ cisterns were collected from six localities (a town and five villages) and Radon concentrations were measured. The samples were randomly collected from different households to represent the Yatta area. Fifteen samples were collected from each locality at the same day. RAD7 device was used for samples analysis and each sample was measured in duplicate. Radon concentrations ranged from 0.037 to 0.26 Bq/L with a mean ± standard deviation of 0.14 ± 0.06 Bq/L. The estimated annual effective radiation doses for babies, children and adults were all far below the maximum limit of 5 mSvy-1 set by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.

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First Palestinian international conference on Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy
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Feb. 19, 2017 - Feb. 20, 2017
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