Effects of Superplasticizers on Fresh and Hrdened Portland Cement Concrete Characteristics
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Original research

AbstractSuperplasticizer or high-range water reducer is a specific type of admixtures that is used to produce low water-cement ratio high-strength concrete with normal or enhanced workability.  Therefore, by using superplasticizers, it became easier for contractors nowadays to place highly workable, durable, pumpable concrete with higher strength, and even with less cost than using other ways to produce concrete with such properties. The effects of superplasticizers on physical properties of hardened and fresh concrete have been studied in this paper by using different dosages of superplasticizer. The compressive strength tests were conducted for concrete samples of different dosages at 7 days and 28 days to determine the properties of hardened concrete, while the slump tests were conducted to determine the properties of fresh concrete as well.  The results show that the highest compressive strength at 28 days was achieved at 3% dosage of superplasticizer, while the highest compressive strength at 7days achieved at 1% dosage. Whereas, using higher dosage of superplasticizer resulted in a lower compressive strength with very high slump value.

IIMT University
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South Korea
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