Revolutionary Civic Activism and the Blending of TV and Social Media
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Conference Paper

This paper focuses on how contemporary modes of integration between TV and social media are affecting revolutionary civic activism and vice versa. It analyzes the roles played by the new blended media platforms in the recent dramatic political changes in the Middle East and tries to outline the lessons learned from that in order to gage future ramifications on the relationship between TV broadcasting and the ever-emerging social media tools and platforms. Undoubtedly, the blending of satellite TV and social media platforms has made the temporal and spatial propagation and expansion of social ideas and agendas grow much faster than ever before with great influences on the existing socioeconomic and sociopolitical orders around the globe. Accordingly the paper shall address the following critical questions: How is Cyberspace being utilized to redefine the political organization of physical space? Is the blending of social media and TV creating a new unified field for political activism? Can we speak about mutuality in adaptation and influence between social movements and the technologies and platforms of social media and TV? Or is one of them leading the other? Where can we draw the line between broadcasting and political activism? Or are we witnessing the formation of new genre of ‘The Broadcaster Activist’ through the integrative platforms of TV and social media? Finally, considering current trends can we envisage the influences of social media on the future of TV broadcasting?

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May 24, 2011 - May 25, 2011
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