The impact of lead up games to improve The status of accuracy among children in limited age ( 9-12)
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        This survey is aims to recognizing the influence or the positive effect or the significant impact of using a small toys as a way to improve the accuracy level for children in limited age ( 9-12)

        The sample of survey generally consists of 30 childrens so they were divided into two groups that characterize in equipoise which are regular and experienced and they are chosen by intentional . more over the first group had submitted to a program for ( 9 ) weeks , and tow tournament by ( 45 ) minutes for one class. The researchers used the experimental methods for both group as its suitable for the survey . by the way, the dimensional are used in different scale to limit and benefit the survey.

        The statistical analysis ( SPSS ) is used to to enumerate the average and the normative variation , moreover, it used ( t, test ) to recognize the differences between these previous group.

        As a result, it had revealed that is a positive impact for this program to improve the accuracy level , in addition, it is shown by a curtain difference diminution. Finally, there was difference that plays a vital able for the experiential group.

The researchers recommended to use the small toys in the development of physical fitness in schools or clubs specially for children in limited age ( 9-12)

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Towards an ambitious strategy for Arab Sport
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April 29, 2015 - April 30, 2015
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