Critical Behavior of the Density of Binary Liquid Mixture Cyclohexane – Phenol
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-Abstract The dynamic shear viscosity coefficients of the binary liquid mixture cyclohexane-phenol for different phenol concentrations and temperatures are measured using glass capillary viscometer. Dynamic shear viscosity anomaly is observed near the critical temperature T_c =17.0℃ and the critical concentration of phenol x_c=2.70% by weight. Mode Coupling Theory is used to fit our experimental data above the critical temperature. It is found that the value of noncritical part of the dynamic shear viscosity η_0 = 0.8174 cP. The power law is expected for the mass density above critical temperature. The value of noncritical part of the mass density is found to be ρ_0= 0.7357 gm/cm^3 . The critical isobaric thermal expansion coefficient α_pc was calculated to be 1.66×〖10〗^(-6) ℃^(-1). The critical isobaric specific heat 〖 c〗_pc was found to be 106.6 Joule/(kg .K). Joule`s constant J was found to be 4.1180 Calorie/Joule and pressure derivation of the critical temperature 〖T_c〗^' was also calculated to be 1.22×〖10〗^(-4) ( K)/ Pa. 
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The Eighth Palestinian International Chemistry Conference (PICC 2015) "Chemical Sciences Towards Knowledge Based Economy" At An Najah University, Nablus, Palestine
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April 22, 2015 - April 22, 2015
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