Anthocyanin (Natural Dye) Sensitizing a Wide Band Gab Semiconductors for Photo-‎Degradation Processes
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Conference Paper

Curcumin, a non toxic yellow food additive, has been used here to sensitizeTiO2 in photodegradation of methyl orange contaminant in water with solar light.  Using natural dyes is a promising replacement for the hazardous heavy metal-based systems, such as CdS and Ru-compounds, in sensitizing wide band gap semiconductors. Naked (TiO2/Curcumin) and activated-carbon supported (AC/TiO2/Curcumin) catalyst systems were prepared and investigated here. The effects of different reaction parameters on reaction rate, such as amount of catalyst, contaminant concentration and pH, were all studied in terms of turn number (T.N.) and quantum yield (Q.Y.) values. The results show that curcumin can sensitize TiO2 particles to solar light in methyl orange photo-degradation processes.

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Chemistry Research & the Palestinian Industry Conference
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Jan. 1, 1970 - Jan. 1, 1970
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