The Antispasmodic Activity of Rosmarinus Officinalis and Rescus Aculatus
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Original research

Two medicinal plants - Rosmarinus officinalis and Ruscus aculeatus, which are used in folk medicine in Palestine for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, were investigated for their antispasmodic activity. Methanolic extract, aqueous extracts (at pH=3 and 9), and total oil for both plants were tested for their antispasmodic activity. In-vitro testing using organ bath system by observing any direct effect on isolated rabbit ileum. The main active ingredient in R. officinalis was isolated, purified, identified, and tested for its spasmolytic activity. Different extracts of both plants (methanolic, aqueous, total oil, oil- free extract) and pure compound (Rf=0. 11) from Rosmarinus officinalis were able to inhibit the spontaneous contractions of the rabbit ileum. Inhibition concentration for different extract and PD2 value for pure compound (Rf =0.11) from Rosmarinus officinalis were measured. The inhibitory effect of Ro.ymarinus officinalis extracts was found to be mediated via muscarinic receptors, while that of Ruscus aculeatus was found to be mediated via .π adrenergic receptors.

Bethlehem University Journal, VoL 21 (2002)
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