Transport and distribution of arsenic, chromium, and copper in soil associated with CCA-treated wood
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Considerable progress on the transport of As, Cr, and Cu in soil associated with CCA-treated wood has been made in recent years. However, the interactions among these elements during transport through soil and effects on their toxicity are not well understood. A laboratory column experiment was conducted to investigate the transport and distribution of these elements in soil. Distinct migrating behaviors though the soil were observed. Soil properties and bacterial activities dramatically affected their transport, transformation, and distribution of these elements in soil and these effects varied with elements. Enhanced adsorption of Cu on soil in the presence of As in soil was observed. The distribution of Cr and As in soil were strongly correlated. It is proposed that surface charge altering by the present of As affects the Cu adsorption and co-precipitation of Cr and As on soil surface is involved in the distribution of Cr and As.

237th ACS National Meeting, Division of Geochemistry, March 22-26,Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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