Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Benzodioxol Derivatives: Targeting Multiple Biological Pathways
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This project aimed to synthesize Novel series of Benzodioxol derivatives, categorized into three distinct groups: benzodiazepine, aryl acetate, and acetic acid. The purpose was to assess their biological activities on multiple targets. The analogues were then evaluated in vitro and in vivo for their effects on AMPA receptor, COX, lipase, α-amylase, DPPH enzymes, and various cancer cell lines. Among the different groups, the benzodiazepine structures demonstrated activity on AMPA receptors [1, 2]. Aryl acetate derivatives exhibited significant potency against COX2 enzymes, while two compounds from the acetic acid group selectively targeted COX2 over COX1 enzyme [3] . Furthermore, three compounds from the acetic acid group and one compound from the acetate group displayed potent activity against α-amylase enzyme, with IC50 values lower than those of the Acarbose positive control [4]. Additionally, one compound exhibited strong cytotoxic activity against the MCF7 cancer cell line. However, these compounds demonstrated weak or negligible activity on the lipase enzyme [5]. To identify the interactions between Benzodiazepine compounds and AMPA receptors, as well as between the aryl acetic acid group and α-amylase enzyme, molecular docking studies were conducted. Theoretical predictions of bioavailability, determined through Molinspiration calculation and Lipinski's rule of five, correlated well with experimental verification. Overall, this project has provided potential drug candidates targeting AMPA receptors for various neurological diseases (benzodiazepine group), a promising group of Benzodioxole compounds as novel Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents against COX enzymes, and promising compounds for the treatment of diabetes (as shown in Figure 1).

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I International Meeting Molecules 4 Life
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Sept. 20, 2023 - Sept. 22, 2026
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European federation of medicinal chemistry
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