Enhancing Deaf and Dumb Collaboration by Video Annotations
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Conference Paper

Online annotations, which enable information to be added to existing data without altering it, have emerged as a crucial technique for engaging with web pages and user queries. Annotations become a tool for targeted collaboration between users (Annotators) with similar interests when the visibility of annotations is restricted to groups of users. Many strategies have been developed to improve online user conversations and collaboration. Websites are suitable media for that since they enable users to engage in online discussions by adding comments (also known as annotations) to page elements like texts, photos, and videos. There are numerous annotations, including written, spoken, visual, and graphic. Although textual annotations are well-known, users are increasingly adding their own video comments to the HTML web document components to have conversations and exchange ideas. This enables deaf and dumb people to have the chance to participate in an online discussion. At the end of the work, we conducted a comprehensive experimental test in order to compute the collaboration percentages between users in which promising results were achieved.

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2nd International Conference on Scientific and Academic Research ICSAR 2023
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March 14, 2023 - March 16, 2023
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