Contribution to Archaeology in Palestine by Overlooked Twentieth Century Palestinian Archaeologists, Yusra Al-Haifaweyeh, Nasr Dwekat and Ibrahim Al-Fanni
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In the early days of archaeological excavation in Palestine, western archaeologists took the lead for both economic and religious reasons. Owing to centuries of foreign control, Palestinians had not established an archaeological research base or resources for preservation of their heritage. Nevertheless, in the first half of the twentieth century there were Arab and Palestinian archaeologists who were members of support teams for Western expeditions at archaeological sites in Palestine. This study focuses on three of the most prominent of these, Yusra Al-Ḥaifaweyeh, Naṣr Dyab Dwekat and Ibrahim Amin Asa’d Al-Fanni. Although these archaeologists played key roles in the development of Palestinian archaeology, acquiring invaluable field skills or making remarkable finds, researchers have never given them due recognition for their important contributions. Despite never publishing scientific research themselves, their positive accounts of their experiences and highly skilled expertise played an important part in promoting archaeology as a discipline in Palestine. Information on the three archaeologists was obtained from oral history interviews with family members and from online research to access excavation reports and photographs. Our study includes background information on the development of archaeology in Palestine.

لؤي محمد عبد العزيز أبو السعود
Palestine Exploration Quarterley
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