Media content via social media (Palestine TV page on Facebook as an example) (An analytical study)
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This study aimed to know the media content provided by Palestine TV on its official Facebook page, and how the topics covered by the Palestine TV page are framed, and to achieve the goal of the study, the researchers used the descriptive and analytical approach, by studying the publications published on the Palestine State TV page on Facebook. The media framework theory was used because it is based on interpreting events and trying to predict them. In addition, it helps reveal the methods and mechanisms that Palestine TV used in framing the issues and news that it publishes on its official Facebook page. Among the most prominent findings of the research is that the study included 200 publications chosen from within the study period, and it varied between political, social and economic topics, in addition to the most important media frameworks included in the page’s publications, were the frameworks specific to a specific issue, such as the issue of prisoners The spread of Coronavirus and others, and the framework of the conflict that dealt with issues related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, developments on the ground, and the framework of humanitarian concerns related to the various Palestinian humanitarian and social issues and the strategic framework. Therefore, the research recommended the necessity of increasing focus in presenting news related to the framework of human concerns, in addition to urging page officials to focus more on international issues due to the potential effects of these events on the Palestinian issue, and to reduce the number of daily publications so that the follower can view all the page’s publications by publishing A summary of events in a post or two

المجلة العربية للعلوم الانسانية و الاجتماعية
المجلة العربية للعلوم الانسانية و الاجتماعية
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