Juveniles rights during in Palestinian laws
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Arab societies in general and the Palestinian society, in particular, are considered among the young communities in which the proportion of children and youth is high, and this is the category that many international conventions and treaties have worked to provide protection for in order to prevent them from committing crimes and reforming those who committed crimes among them by establishing the basic rules and guidelines to provide the necessary protection and guarantees for juveniles in all stages of the investigation and placing them in the Juvenile reform centers when necessary so that most countries implemented these rules and guarantees in their internal laws.


The importance of this study lies in shedding light on the legal status of juveniles in Palestine by focusing on the complex legislative system in Palestine and the criminal policy pursued in this regard by the Palestinian legislator through several laws and orders, which aim to protect this important group of society in order to achieve reform and to provide special treatment for juveniles in a way that suits their age and circumstances since it is not possible to treat juveniles in the same treatment as adults. This paper also aims to study the official authorities that deal with juveniles in Palestine from the juvenile police, the juvenile prosecution and other specialized authorities in order to verify the legal procedures followed during dealing with juveniles to achieve the purpose of providing the necessary guarantees to protect their dignity and to reform them to be active members in their society.

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