Prevalence of Violence Among Primary School Students in Palestine: Nablus Governorate As a Case Study
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As the title indicates, this study sought to measure the degree of prevalence of violence among the primary school students in Nablus Governorate schools as perceived by   primary school teachers. To that end, the researcher the quantitative approach. She developed a questionnaire to collect data on the phenomenon. The sample of the study comprised of 235 teachers of both sexes. After data collection, it was found that prevalence of violence was low. Some statements about verbal violence domain had a very high score and a very low score in the electronic domain. Moreover, it was found that there were no statistically significant differences at 0.5 The degree of violence could be attributed to variables of gender, location of school (village or city). There were however significant differences at 0.5 between the averages of primary school teachers concerning the spread of violence. This could be attributed to the academic qualification variable in favor of B. A.  Holders  and between the averages of schools for males and coeducational schools in favor of the latter. In the  light of  the  study findings, the researcher  recommends that primary school  students be involved in curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as cultural, social and  sports programs. This is in addition to activation of educational and social counseling at schools and education of students on diplomatic treatment of others, their respect, observation of rules and laws, development of education, curriculum, increase of interest in teacher and administrative staff training. Finally the researcher recommends change of classroom and school environment to a safe comfortable environment that   promotes   giving and creativity and love of education instead of repulsive environment that causes depression and violence.


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