Adaptive Quality Optimization of Computer Vision Tasks in Resource-Constrained Devices using Edge Computing
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Conference Paper

This paper presents an approach to optimize the quality of computer vision tasks in resource-constrained devices by using different execution versions of the same task. The execution versions are generated by dropping irrelevant contents of the input images or other contents that have marginal effect on the quality of the result. Our execution model is designed to support the edge computing paradigm, where the tasks can be executed remotely on edge nodes either to improve the quality or to reduce the workload of the local device. We also propose an algorithm that selects the suitable execution versions, which includes selecting the configuration and the location of the execution, in order to maximize the total quality of the tasks based on the available resources. The proposed approach provides reliable and adaptive task execution by using several execution versions with various performance and quality tradeoffs. Therefore, it is very beneficial for systems with resource and timing constraints such as portable medical devices, surveillance video cameras, wearable systems, etc. The proposed algorithm is evaluated using different computer vision benchmarks.

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The 19th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium in Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2019)
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May 14, 2019 - May 17, 2019
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