Target selectivity of Anticancer Drugs is an important factor in Promising Anticancer Drug Discovery.
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Cancer is the second leading cause of death in worldwide, because of that we need a great effort to discover novel anticancer agents with high selectivity on the cancerous cells over the normal cells. The traditional approaches to the treat cancer depend on surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, according to the medicinal reports the chemotherapy is still the main procedure in the cancer cure or treatment till nowadays, and it is one of the main factors that drops the mortality of cancer in the last years. In the past decades the chemotherapeutic agents were used in the cancer treatment without clear understand on which target, protein, or enzyme that is working, and it was making the inhibition on the whole family of enzymes or receptors which lead to high toxicity and side effects, but nowadays the anticancer agents work with high selectivity on specific subtype of clear targets, and these targets usually present in high percentage in the cancerous cells. In this Oral presentation we will talk about the last Cancer statistics, specific targets for anticancer drugs like Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs), and we will mention some anticancer drugs which approved by FDA in 2018 which work on specific targets

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Eurasian Congress of Molecular Biotechnology (ECOMB 2019)
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Sept. 19, 2019 - Sept. 21, 2019
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