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Name: Adnan Y.I Abu-al-Salqan.  Nablus, Palestine. Qualifications: i) B.Sc. Mathematics, Tanta University (Now Menoufieah Univ.) Egypt, 1976, ii) M.Sc. Mathematics, Ohio Univ., USA, 1985. iii) All M.Sc. courses in Biometry as training courses, The Univ. of Reading, UK), 1993-1994. iv) 3rd year Ph.d  student at Brunel Univ. UK, from 1996- 1999. ).

Career: 1) Math & Statistics instructor at An-Najah Univ. (PA).], since 1977. Courses taught: Modern Algebra , Linear Algebra, Methods of Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Differential equations, Calculus, General Mathematics, and many more. 2) Tutoring at Ohio University (Different courses): 1984-1985. Math and Statistics teaching at Reading Community College (UK): 1994. 3) Math and Statistics instructor at Al – Quds Open University, Nablus. Courses taught: Calculus, Methods of Statistics, Applied Statistics, Number Theory, and Real Analysis. 4) Math instructor at Arab College (Community College), Amman, Jordan, 1976.

Skills: a) Latex, Word, Excel, Power point. b) Using of “SAS” , S-plus, & “Genstat” in data analysis. c) Using and programming with “MATHEMATICA”.

Publications: 1)A.Idris.(1981), Outlines in Descriptive Statistics for first-year students, An- Najah Univ. . (In Arabic). 2)M.Ass'ad& A.Salqan.(2000).On the Estimation of Population Size of West Bank and Gaza Strip. Abhath Al-Yarmouk: Basic Sciences & Engineering, Vol. 9, No.1, pp. 51-65.Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.  3)A.Salqan. (2017). Modeling and Exact Testing for a 4x4 Cross-Over Trial with Binary Data,  4)A.Idris ,et all, (1993). Fertility, Maternity and Health of Child in Occupied Territories, (Presented to the second symposium of the Society of the Arab Demographicians, , (In Arabic). 5) Mohammad As’ad & Adnan Idris.( 1988). Munahej Adderasah Al-Jame’eyah Al-Arabeiyah wa Al-Gharbeyiah wa Afaq Al- Mustaqbal (Math curriculum in Arab and Western Universities and Future perspectives), Proceedings , Conference on Modernization of )Math .Programs in Arab Universities. UNSCO and Union of Arab Universities, AlYarmouk University (Jordan). 6) A.Salqan.(1994).ThePythagorean Theorem, Four More Proofs and a Result, (Not published). 7) A. Salqan. (2012). On the Generalization of the Pythagorean Theorem. (In Publication). 8) Some comprehensive surveys and polls conducted (In Arabic) covered different alestinian local aspects,   such as the educational situation in Nablus.9

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