Medical Microbiology - 7105301
Course Title
Medical Microbiology
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Mohammad Qadi
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[email protected]
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Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

The course is designed to give medical students with detailed concepts in medical microbiology and
provides core knowledge of infectious disease processes affecting each organ system, as well as
working knowledge of the appropriate clinical laboratory investigations. and immunology.

Course Objectives

This course will provide students with professional knowledge of the microorganisms affecting
human beings all over the world. The student also should recognize the pathology, clinical
symptoms, complications and the laboratory tests needed for diagnosis of each diseases.

Intended learning Outcomes and Competences

a.1.- Define each microorganism according to its characteristics and infections.
a.2.- Describe the metabolism and genetics of organisms.
a.3.- Describe the pathology, clinical symptoms and complications of each disease.
a.4.- Summarize the laboratory tests needed for diagnosis of each case.
a.5.- Name some of the drugs and instructions used for treatment of each case.
a.6.- Describe some infection control methods
b- Intellectual Skills.
b.1.- Differentiate between the different microorganisms (Bacteria, viruses and fungi)
b.2.- Differentiate between organisms affecting the same body parts
b.3.- Analyze methods and steps for discovery and naming the types of microbes causing disease.
c- Professional and Practical Skills:
c.1.- Interpret the results of different bacterial tests used in knowing the causative infective
c.2.- Analyze the relation between the laboratory test results and the clinical case of the patient.
c.3.-Construct diagnostic systems allowing choosing specific laboratory tests for the diagnosis of
different diseases. d- General and transferable skills:
d.1. Search Internet data base for diagnostic measures in microbiology.
d.2. Independently learning
d.3. Follow measure for infections control.
d.4. Work in a team.
d.5. Respect assisting personal.
d.6. Appreciate team work in seminar.

Textbook and References

Greenwood David et al. Medical Microbiology 17th Ed 2007
Published scientific papers.
Marjorie Cowan, Microbiology: a Systems Approach 3rd ED, 2012

Assessment Criteria
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