Unit Operations (I) Lab - 626339
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Unit Operations (I) Lab
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Amjad El-Qanni
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[email protected]
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Second Semester 2019
Compulsory / Elective
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This lab course provides the engineering students with a unique opportunity to apply the principles learned in the unit operation, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer, skills for accurate data collection and analysis. The following experiments are usually covered; linear, radial heat conduction and effect of cross-sectional area; conduction along a composite bar and effect of insulation; heat conduction in fluids; free convection – fixed power; temperature distribution across the extended surfaces; forced convection – effect of air velocity; heat transfer coefficient and Nusselt number; the effect of varying flow rate; effect of varying temperature; flow measurements; flow through a Venturi meter; flow through orifices and nozzles; pipe flow (major and minor losses); and pump characteristics (parallel and series systems). 


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