Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes - 626584
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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes
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Amjad El-Qanni
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[email protected]
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Second Semester 2019
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This course aims at introducing the senior students to the application of fundamental engineering concepts to develop process design specifications for various unit operations and separation processes used mainly for the treatment of industrial wastewater effluents. The following topics are covered comprehensively; introduction about the major causes of industrial wastewater; description of the wastewater treatment processes; the mechanisms of the physical treatment unit operations, such as: mixing and flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, membrane filtration, adsorption (batch and continuous), gas transfer and stripping, and UV disinfection; the mechanisms of the chemical treatment processes, such as: coagulation process, chemical precipitation, ion exchange, water stabilization and advanced chemical oxidation. In addition, most common conventional treatment processes of solid waste and air pollutants coming from wastewater treatment plants are described and discussed briefly.



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