Focus group qualitative analysis of Middle East and Western nurses assessing and planning interventions in refugee camps
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Aim: This paper is a focus group Qualitative analysis of nursing perception of refugee needs.
Background: Receiving quality health care is a challenge for refugee populations as often live in crowded,
unsanitary conditions. The International Council of Nurses’ Code of Ethics asserts that nurses should
expand beyond the individual model and promote a rights-enabling environment where respect for human
dignity is paramount.
Introduction: This investigation is analysis of Middle East and Western nurses’ collaboration in assessing
and planning an intervention in refugee camps. Our education policy should be to prepare our future nurses
for any health challenge they may face. Working with refugees and displaced people is currently a global
health care challenge.
Methods: During an international nursing conference focusing on nursing force in promoting health
equity, participants were asked to recognize influence of social health determinants of refugee individuals
and populations. Second, identify barriers to health care. Third, discuss professional roles in refugee
patient/client care. Finally, demonstrate inter-professional engagement. The participants were from diverse
populations and many of them defined themselves as displaced persons or refugees.
Findings: A total of 135 nurses, midwives, nursing managers, students and professors from 12 countries
participated in focus groups. Central themes included Basic human needs, management, healthcare, and
Conclusions: When nurses face unfamiliar situations, they use fundamental nursing theories, Watson
caring theory, & Maslow to structure their assessment, intervention and evaluation.
Social Policy: When theory developing policies for refugee care, knowledge and practice of fundamentals
of nursing is paramount.

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