Palestinian Refugees! The Past Through the Eye of Presence
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The Arab-Israeli conflict and the creation of Israel in 1948, is at the origin of the forced migration of thousands of Palestinian refugees from their country, alike all those who have the status of refugees, the Palestinian refugees deserve the protection of the International Community.

By establishing two international organs to deal with the Palestinian refugees problem, (UNCCP) and (UNRWA), UN differentiated them from the other refugees in the world. The fact that the international protection was left to an international organ, the Conciliation Commission, excluded them from the main international Refugees regime

UNCCP wasn’t able to provide International Protection to the Palestinian refugees which leave an international gap in the protection (agreed by the International Community) of this group of refugees.

The Palestinian Refugees, those living in the Arab countries as well as those living in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, are undergoing repeated violations of their elementary rights, a situation that question the presence and the efficiency of the international protection agreed by the International Community.

Presently, and given the situation, there is a potential opportunity of a definitive solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It is high time to totally re-evaluate the International Refugees Law, and act in favour of the resolution of the Palestinian refugees problem. Especially with the  Many indicators in the ongoing “peace process” between the two parts of the conflict point to the need of an international representation of the rights and the interests of the Palestinian refugees, independently from other considerations that may clash with their rights and Political interests.

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The 4th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival
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Jan. 1, 2022 - Jan. 1, 2022
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