Variations of Childbearing Among Women in the Palestinian Territories
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To explain the variation in the average of the number of children ever-born of women in the Palestinian territories, this study used the data based on the Palestinian Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey, 2014. It used the descriptive and analytical approaches to achieve the goals of the research. The study found that the difference was evident between the average numbers of children ever-born of women in the West Bank compared to that in the Gaza Strip. There are also variables that have a positive relation to the average number of children ever-born like the current age of the mother, the duration of marital life of the mother, the number of wives in the wedlock of the husband, and how long the woman's wish awaited to have a new baby. A negative relation to the average number of children is found with reference to a woman's age at first wedding, her first pregnancy, here level of education, and the number of children she wished to give birth to in addition to the children she had.

حسين أحمد
مجلة النجاح للابحاث: العلوم الانسانية
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