The imposition of the educational curriculum of Israeli schools in East Jerusalem Sends the sovereignty of the
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In the aftermath of the Palestinian catastrophe in 1948, the Israeli authorities worked immediately on imposing the Zionist narrative and affirming the right of Jews to Palestine. In that context Israel imbued the curriculum in the Arab schools with Israeli terminologies and contents, and by the same token, changed the curriculum of the Arab schools in the eastern part of Jerusalem, after the occupation of 1967. In an attempt by the Israeli Authorities, mainly, the Ministry of Education and the municipality of the occupation, to confront the Palestinian narrative and to impose the Israeli narrative instead, as mentioned, in various ways, using the carrot and stick policy against the Arab Jerusalemite schools and its cadres from one hand, and on the other hand by tempting the Arab Jerusalemite students and their parents with tendentious offers.

This study examines the reality of education in the city of Jerusalem in general, and then discusses the measures taken by the Ministry of Education and the municipality of the occupation to change, distort and forge the Palestinian curriculum, indorsed by the Palestinian Ministry of Education, in an effort to apply it to private and civil Arab schools in Jerusalem. In addition to explaining the challenges facing the Palestinians in the city of Jerusalem as a result of the imposition of the Israeli curriculum on the students of the city.

The study also explores the objectives behind imposing the Israeli educational curriculum on the Arab schools in the eastern part of Jerusalem, such as: Forging history and changing concepts, Judaizing geography and Palestinian space, in addition to the Arab and Palestinian names and terminology of this city, and defacement of its Arab identity.

This Israeli educational project is designed to create generations of Arab youth from the city of Jerusalem who are loyal to Israel and deny their people and their nation, and, ultimately, prepared for the imposition of Israeli sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem.

Keywords: The Israeli occupation, the Judaization of the Palestinian narrative, the Israeli curriculum, Jerusalem.


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Bait Al-Maqdess naw:continuity and change
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Oct. 30, 2019 - Nov. 3, 2019
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