What is Trans-formative research and why do we need it in nursing? Dr Eman Alshawish
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Transformative Research in health and nursing research?


The TR mean in literature is “Transformative research involves ideas, discoveries, or tools that radically change our understanding of an important existing scientific or engineering concept or educational practice or leads to the creation of a new paradigm or field of science, engineering, or education. Such research challenges current understanding or provides pathways to new frontiers” (NSF 2014)

The transformative paradigm is introduced as a shift in basic beliefs that guide research and evaluation, based on a need to prioritize the role of such inquiries in addressing human rights and social justice. The need for transformative research and evaluation is supported by examples of inequities in access to culturally appropriate health services for people who are pushed to the margins of society. The need for transformative research and evaluation is evidenced by current events, scholarly literature, and the voices of those who live in a world that allocates privileges to some and denies those privileges to others based on inherent characteristics. In 2010 -National Conference on “Undergraduate Research as Transformative Practice the most powerful quote was: 

“We live in a moment of radical change...In order for change to be positive—to be transformative—we must be intentional, grounding our work in our visions for better lives and a better society.  We must challenge what others take for granted, look at our work in new ways and consider the future possibilities of our work.  The practice of undergraduate research opens transformative possibilities:  Possibilities of knowledge and of action, possibilities for students to learn the power of their own thinking, possibilities of futures that would otherwise not have been open to us.”

Donna Mertens’ book, Transformative Research and Evaluation, thus provides a very timely and provocative addition to the research and evaluation literature, providing us with theoretical insight and a practical hands-on approach in which to explore and expand upon the culturally and socially meaningful ways of understanding our practice.

In my presentation I will use this book to discuss the theoretical foundations of the transformative paradigm, why it is important to use it and how we can use it in health / nursing research, as well as the methodological challenges associated with conducting such research and evaluation it. Example of using transformative research into nursing research will discuss at the end to encourage the novice researcher to apply it in practice to improve the health. Finally, discussion the consideration of why transformational research may be useful and a natural approach for the specific concerns of the profession of nursing

If you twist a prism hanging in the window on a sunny day, you can see changing patterns of light. If you use your imagination, you can see the colors dancing around the room.








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