The role of intellectual property laws in the protection of Palestinian pharmaceutical industries
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Conference Paper

Palestine is one of the importing countries of medicine, which is a source of improving the lives of many human beings. in contrast, pharmaceutical manufacturers in Palestine face many risks and difficulties that many of them are buying from foreign companies, or that they conclude exclusive contracts to manufacture the medicine under supervision and control of foreign companies.

the presence of these drugs in the Palestinian market opens the possibility of examining the possibility of benefiting from the innovations found in these drugs, through re-analysis and knowledge of its components, in preparation for the future benefits from them.

the subject was dealt with by analyzing the rules of the privileges and inventions law no. 22 of 1953, which is applicable in the west bank and the trips agreement, especially with regard to the concept of the patent of medical invention and determining the substantive conditions of the drug invention. compulsory licensing in the pharmaceutics sector, rights depletion or reverse engineering. keywords: the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical patent concessions, compulsory licensing, depletion of rights, reverse engineering

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Intellectual property in Palestine "Legal regulation between domestic and international legislation"
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April 22, 2019 - April 22, 2019
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جامعة القدس ابو ديس