impact of strategic planning in the application of the principles of governance
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Conference Paper

The study aimed to identify the impact of strategic planning in the application of the principles of governance in the university sector, and identify the importance of strategic planning, as well as elements of effective strategic planning, and identify the concept of governance and the basic principles to be applied in business organizations and institutions in general and in universities in particular. This requires university administration to achieve its vision and mission. To achieve the objectives of the study, the questionnaire was designed and distributed to a random sample taken from (University Presidency, College of Administration and Economics) at Salahaddin University - Erbil, consisting of (50) individuals, which includes two categories (faculty member and faculty member in charge of administrative functions) in the university sector. The number of questionnaires recovered and valid for the analysis was (46) (92%). The SPSS statistical program was used to analyze the study data and examine its hypotheses. The most important conclusions are that there is a direct relationship between strategic planning and the principles of university governance. The results of the statistical analysis of the study showed that the application of the principles of governance is greatly influenced by the elements of strategic planning in the sense of a positive relationship that is statistically significant to the principles of university governance. In which the level of success achieved in the university is measured sample study. The study also reached a set of recommendations, namely the establishment of specific mechanisms to involve the university community in formulating and updating the vision and mission of the university. Encouraging universities to develop an effective system of governance and promoting the role of strategic planning elements in their application, and the need to adhere to the management of university institutions to apply the principles of governance in support of the governance of Arabic's universities.

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The Second Middle East University Conference entitled "Strategic Awareness and Governance" in cooperation with the Arab Universities Governance Council
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March 1, 2019 - March 2, 2019
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جامعه الشرق الاوسط بالتعاون مع مجلس حوكمة الجامعات العربية