Legal Regulation of the Environment in Palestinian Legislation. Comparative study (Jordan and Egypt)
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This study deals with the environment in the Palestinian and comparative legislation in both Egypt and Jordan. Environmental legislations are the set of laws, and regulations that regulate how to preserve natural resources, protect the environment, prevent pollution and control it, regardless of its source through the legal rules and decisions issued by the competent authorities.

 The importance of this study stems from the fact that environmental legislations are newly established and characterized by artistic and scientific nature as well as a range of characteristics that may not be found in traditional legislation. The problem of the study lies in the lack of clarity of the legislative policy through which the national legislator aims to protect the national environment and not to base such legislation within the national legislative system as a result of its progress and to prefer the use of other legislations that are simpler and more clear to them.

 The researcher used the comparative approach in his study. The study is divided into two sections. The first deals with the concepts and provisions of environmental protection and environmental legislation. The second one talks about the procedural provisions for protecting the environment and the responsibility of environmental damage.

 The study concluded to a set of conclusions and recommendations. The most important results are that the Palestinian legislator relied on the Egyptian legislator to adopt the legislative policy to protect the environment in Palestine, and that the Palestinian legislator tried to establish legal provisions that correspond to the Palestinian environment, but these provisions remained far from implementation and application. The most important recommendations are the dissemination of knowledge and legal awareness among citizens in the field of environmental protection to live in a safe and clean environment.

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