Combretastatin A4-camptothecin micelles as combination therapy for effective anticancer activity
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Cancer is a major worldwide health problem, for which chemotherapy is a common treatment option. However drug toxicity and the development of resistance to chemotherapy are two main challenges associated with the traditional anticancer drugs. Combined pharmacological therapy based on different mechanisms might be an effective strategy in cancer treatment, and could exhibit a synergistic therapeutic efficacy. Herein, we aim to combine combretastatin A4 (CA4) and camptothecin (Cpt) chemically into a codrug through two hydrophilic linkers utilizing click chemistry to improve their water solubility and anticancer activity. The synthesized amphiphilic structure could self-assemble into a micelle structure as confirmed by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and dynamic light scattering (DLS), which showed a high stability and improved water solubility at pH 7.4, with a low critical micelle concentration (CMC) value of 0.9 mM. Moreover, in vitro hydrolysis was observed upon incubation of the hybrid compound with an esterase enzyme, which suggested a complete disassembly into the starting active drugs. Finally, cytotoxicity studies on HeLa cancer cells showed that the codrug demonstrated an enhanced (five fold) cytotoxicity as compared with the free drugs. In addition the combination index (CI) was <1, which suggests a synergistic activity for the codrug. Moreover, the tested concentrations of the codrug were not significantly cytotoxic to a noncancerous fibroblast cell line. The imaging of HeLa cells treated with FITC-loaded micelles showed a rapid internalization. In conclusion, the codrug of CA4 and Cpt might be a potential novel anticancer drug as it demonstrated a synergistic cytotoxic activity that might spare noncancerous cells. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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