Trends of the Recorded Lectures at An-Najah National University from the Staff Faculty perspectives
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Original research

This paper tries to shed light on the trends of recorded lectures, an interdisciplinary research, by the E-Learning Centre, and Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, methods of teaching English from An-Najah National University. Since the whole research is about one of the teaching pedagogies that can match almost all learning styles, thus, it seeks to find out the trends of recorded lectures at An-Najah National University from the faculty perspectives and how they help students from all faculties learn better. It also aims to identify the effect of gender, faculty and academic degree on the faculty responses. To achieve these aims the researchers conducted a survey via which they distributed questionnaire among 114 staff members at the university along with a focus group to complete the data needed for the purpose of the study. The study revealed that the general perception about pre-recorded lecture is ambiguous and requires more awareness, assistance and training basically for the faculty members who never got the chance to experience this new way of instruction. 68.4% of the whole sample do not have any experience with recorded lecture and (56.4%) do not want to record lectures which is explained by the high rate of rejection. Results also showed while male faculty members think that the pre-recorded lectures make things more interesting, the female faculty members think the opposite. In the light of these findings, the researchers recommended adequate training on how to record when to record and what to record.

Journal of Educational Research and Review
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Cabo Verde
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