- The Mechanism of Thesis Quality Assurance and control
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Original research

The study aimed at defining and evaluating the foundations of the thesis quality
Control system across various specializations at the Middle East University (MEU) for the
purpose of identifying the points of strength and the points of weaknesses, if any to address
and rectify them.
The study consisted of two parts, theoretical and empirical; the first reviews in
general concepts related to quality assurance and quality control in higher education
institutions, with reference to goals, requirements and means to achieve them. Further more,
it addresses study plans, teaching methods academic research and methods of evaluation.
The second part which is empirical aimed to uncover the view points of three
concerned groups, namely; thesis track students currently enrolled in the (MA) programs,
graduate students of the MA programs and finally faculty members who are entrusted with the
task of supervising students. For this purpose a random sample was selected to represent the
three groups.
The instrument of the study was a questionnaire developed by the researchers to
collect data and consisted of many sections which aimed at finding out respondents opinions
as to the procedures applied by the deanship of graduate studies and academic research to
maintain the quality assurance standards set forth by the deanship for preparing and writing
MA thesis in various faculties at the Middle East University.
For data analysis and testing the study hypotheses, the researches used the mean,
standard deviation and arithmetic percentages. For testing the hypotheses, T test, ANOVA
and Scheffee test were used

Published in the Arab Journal for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
International Refereed Research Journal
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