The required information and financial statements disclosure in SMEs
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Original research

This study aimed to determine the nature, the requirements of financial disclosure in
small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in comparison with large corporations in Jordan. It
also aimed to investigate the need for a special International Accounting Standard for small
and medium enterprises (SMEs in Jordan).
To achieve the objectives of the study, a fifty - item questionnaire has been designed
based on the disclosure literature. This questionnaire contained information that must be
disclosed in published financial statements which are prepared according to International
Financial Reporting Standards.
This study points out that there is a significant difference between SMEs and large
corporations in terms of the materiality of the required disclosure in the income statement.
The percentage of the important items that should be disclosed in SMEs was 40%, and it was
90%, in the large corporations. For the financial position statement they were 31%, & 82%,
respectively, and for the statement of changes in owners’ equity they were 14%, & 43%
respectively. Finally for the cash flow statement the two percentages were same and it
was100%. Moreover, the majority of the study sample (76%) supports the need for special
standard which organize the disclosure in SMEs.
The nature and the extent of the disclosure in SMEs financial statements have been
given more importance. This study is the first of its kind that explored the requirements of
financial disclosure in SMEs in comparison with large corporations in Jordan. Also to
encourage SMEs to improve the efficiency of their accounting and control systems, which
increase the efficiency of their financial and administrative reports. This will provide more
transparency and disclosure in their financial data.

International Refereed Research Journal, Academic and Business Research Institute
Journal of Finance and Accountancy
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United States of America
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