“Requirements Elicitation with the Existence of Similar Applications: A Conceptual Framework”
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In the increasingly competitive intensive-software
system market, it is essential for companies to have consistence
and comprehensive understanding of development process,
continuous progress, and ever changing user needs of their
application domain. Nowadays, user feedback is considered as the
crux of requirement engineering process. However, the diversity
in data in terms of source, velocity and volume demands to
exploit powerful and adaptive analysis techniques aimed at
extracting information for supporting software and requirement
engineering decisions as well. For instance, automated elicitation
of requirements has been investigated in conjunction with multicriteria,
which may take into account different perspective of
stakeholders. Whereas, other factors like similar applications
with the presence of user feedback and different decision makers
perspective are slightly investigated. In this paper, a conceptual
framework that can be useful for automated requirement elicitation
is introduced. It combines three key elements as one unit:
explicit user feedback, different stakeholder’s perspective and
similar applications. As a next step to polish our work, we have
carefully planned to validate the proposed framework. Furthermore,
a tool-support will be designed to automate the conceptual
framework. The ultimate goal of this framework aims to help
software companies to identify the optimal requirements and
features of application in a particular domain, hence reducing
human efforts, improving the quality of product, increasing user
satisfaction, improving sustainability in the market and reducing
the development life cycle.

International Conference on Computer and Applications ICCA'18
International Conference on Computer and Applications ICCA'18
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