(God delayed his servants (A Study in the Quranic term
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This research is tracking the Quranic verses, which reported the word delay with its derivatives, according to the methodology of objective interpretation of the Quranic term, in order to understand this term and stand on the meanings and connotations related to it in the holy Quran.

It was found through tracking this term in the holy Qur'an that this word is common and it has been used attributed to Allah Almighty, also it has been used attributed to the devil. Allah Almighty delays and he ( Allah Almighty ) delays to call to repent and return to the right path with no waiver of punishing the oppressors. But the other's delaying like devil is call to astray and away from Allah, but the term of delaying is more common attributed to Allah Almighty.

One of the most learned values from the study of the term delaying in the holy Qur'an: The spelling is not a satisfaction sign to the human nor it is a sign of wrath, but it is about the surrounding evidences, delaying with faith a satisfaction sign, delaying with injustice and distance from Allah Almighty is a sigh of wrath. In delaying the oppressors is a test Allah Almighty distinguishes through it rows, oppressors  fall and the believers stand steady, in delaying the oppressors to let them know that  excuses and the door of repentance are open , which does not close, and the statement of the inevitability of taking  the oppressors and revenge of them whether this is sooner in this world or later in the hereafter.

المجلة الأردنية في الدراسات الاسلامية
جامعة ال البيت
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