In vitro Haemostatic efficacy of Aqueous, Methanol and Ethanol Plant Extracts of Three Medicinal Plant Species in Palestine
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Conference Paper

The concern towards the ethno-medicinal scientific justification, as well as, the over whiling seeking for remedies devoid for unfavorable side effects have prompted the fascination growth for natural haemostatic agents discoveries. Therefore, the haemoststic efficacy of different extract types of SaturejathymbraL.Thymbraspicata L. (Lamiaceae) and Verbascumfruticulosum Post (Scrophulariaceae) was evaluated in this study via the PT and aPTT analysis. This was to establish whether or not phytochemicals derived from these plants could be incorporated as haemostatic agents for the improvement of patients suffering from a thrombotic diseases

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The 9th Palestinian International Conference in Medical Lab Sciences
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Aug. 25, 2016 - Aug. 27, 2016
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نقابة الطب المخبري الفلسطينية