Preferences and perceptions of shape, size, and color of the most familiar oral solid dosage forms among patients with chronic diseases in West Bank- Palestine
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Purpose: The purposes of this study were to investigate the most preferred oral solid dosage forms (OSDF) and the form that seems easy to swallow; preferences of color, shape, size, and taste of OSDF; and to determine possible associates with public preferences.

Method: Self-administered questionnaires were distributed among 232 individuals in west bank. Samples of different OSDF (capsule, tablet, caplet, and soft gel capsule) were shown to the respondents during the interview. Data were presented by frequencies and percentages for categorical variables and were analyzed by using SPSS .

Results and Discussion:  The study sample consisted of 232 patients with chronic diseases. Approximately one third (31.5%) of the patients bear university degree. The majority (58.2%) of the sample prefers solid pharmaceutical dosage form, particularly capsules (33.2%) or tablet (31.0%) because they are easy to swallow. The preferred shape of tablet was the circular (79.0%), white (72.0%), and small (58.25%). The preference regarding dosage form was based on patients’ self experience.

Recommendations: Finding from our study suggest that the formulation of medicine and their physical characteristics are of high importance in encouraging patients to continue an oral medicine. So , our finding can help the pharmaceutical companies to beter understand their consumers in providing friendly products, which indirectly enhance treatment compliance.

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ztipc2015 conference
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Oct. 21, 2015 - Oct. 23, 2015
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alzytonah unviersity in jordan and toledo university in USA
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