Optimizing the Healing Environment in the Children's Hospitals from the Perspective of Architecture and Interior Design. PG conference, 3M presentation abstract and a poster at Lancaster University in the UK
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Conference Paper

Optimising the Healing Environment in the Public Reception Areas in Children's Hospitals Using Interior Architecture and Interior Design.

Case study: Hospitals in Nablus City, Palestine

Rawa Abu Lawi,PhD student, Imagination, LICA, Lancaster University &Prof. Stuart Walker. Imagination, LICA, Lancaster University &Dr. Christopher Boyko. Imagination, LICA, Lancaster University.

Key Words: Healing Environment, Interior design, Interior Architecture, Design for Children, Cognitive & Perception, and Children’s Hospital Design.

Poster Abstract


Introduction: The importance of this study stems from the fact that few hospitals are specialized in the treatment of children in my homeland, Palestine. Most of the Palestinian children are treated in adult hospitals that lack the comfortable environment that helps lessen the level of trepidation and worry of children during their hospitalization. Moreover, eight years ago, I gave birth to a child who suffered from an illness that was impossible to diagnose until he was 1- year’s old. Diagnosing the problem required visiting several hospitals in Palestine. He had to be hospitalized for several days, which made me realize first-hand the poorconditions for primary cares accompanying sick people. For example, there was no vacant place for a carer to sleep; only a small chair beside the bed, and the room was shared with eight other children, along with their mothers and visitors. In addition, there were no public spaces set aside for children to play, and no consideration of the aesthetics of the environment, so that, children could forget their illness, in other words, no healing environment at all.

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Post Graduate Research Conference
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United Kingdom
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March 22, 2014 - March 22, 2014
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Lancaster University\Graduate College
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