Time Management in Nursing Work
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Time in simplified sense is a human life and his whole life, and age specific, can't be increased in any way, so time is not available for storage or for allowance or compensation. Proper planning and good organization of time with the proper implementation of the plan and positive disposition towards wasting time gives us a successful and effective management of time. Consequently, the concept of time management containing integrated concepts, in any time or place or for any person. The organization of time usually linked to the person self, who determines times and work, and entertainment time, and the organization the aims only to make the best achievements and reduce the pressure and help us to complete our works faster and with less effort and less stress, as well as to develop our self's. And every individual must be responsible for him/her self and to organize his/her time according to his/her needs. Nurses who effectively manage the time will probably allow delivering better quality care, get more done and feel less stressed in the process. Many researchers and writers attempted to wrote and discuss the strategies used or may help in managing time in the work, school life, and healthcare works like nursing work. Also the other side which is management of free time which can contribute to the quality of life and cognition and physical health.

International Journal of Caring Sciences, 7(3), 746-749
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