Diethylenetriamine/diamines/copper (II) complexes [Cu(dien)(NN)]Br2: Synthesis, solvatochromism, thermal, electrochemistry, single crystal, Hirshfeld surface analysis and antibacterial activity
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Abstract Two dicationic water soluble mixed triamine/diamine copper (II) complexes, of general formula [Cu(dien)NN]Br2 (1–2) [dien = diethelenetriamine and NN is en = ethylenediamine or Me4en = N,N0 ,N,N0 -tetramethylethylenediamine] were prepared under ultrasonic mode with a rel- atively high yield. These complexes were characterized by elemental microanalysis, UV visible IR spectroscopy, and thermal and electrochemical techniques. In addition, complex 2 structure was solved by X-ray single crystal and Hirshfeld surface analysis. The complex exhibits a distorted square pyramidal coordination environment around Cu(II) centre. The solvatochromism of the desired complexes was investigated in water and other suitable organic solvents. The results show that the Guttmann’s DN parameter values of the solvents have mainly contributed to the shift of the d–d absorption band towards the linear increase in the wavelength of the absorption maxima of the complexes. The complex 1 showed higher antibacterial activity against the studied 

Arabian Journal of Chemistry
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