Corneal Staining and Subjective Symptoms Associated with Contact Lens Care Products
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Conference Paper

There are various contact lens solutions and disinfectant system available in the Palestinian market. Some CL solutions induce staining when combine with hydrogel or silicon hydrogel contact lenses materials, which is known as solution induced corneal staining (SICS). It attributes to CL discomfortability, ocular redness, corneal inflammation & erosions and photophobia which ultimately leads to patients drop out. It is standard practice to be familiar with the lens-solution interaction prior prescribing CL and its care products to minimize the risks of SICS. Therefore, it is essential to study the interaction between the CL material and the solution compositions available in the Palestinian market in order to provide guidelines to the eye care practitioners on what to prescribe as a care products when prescribing contact lenses.
This presentation will shed light on the biocompatibility and comfort of soft contact lenses various materials and the disinfecting agents of the lens care products, discuss the relationship between corneal staining and subjective symptoms and stress on the importance of choosing the appropriate CL solution for each patient formerly and discussing the CL compliance, which will therefore minimize the overall risks of solution-induced corneal staining. It will also discuss a clinical study which has been initiated to evaluate the ocular response, corneal staining, subjective symptoms and comfortability rate of a range of commercially available contact lens solutions in Palestine in conjunction with hydrogel soft contact lenses.

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3rd Palestinian Jordanian Conference
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March 16, 2017 - March 17, 2017
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نقابة اختصاصيي البصريات في فلسطين والاردن