Nursing Students Perception of Facilitator-Preceptor Supervisory model during clinical training”
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Nursing students Perception of Facilitator-Preceptor  supervisory model during clinical training

Introduction : Clinical training and teaching in nursing education ought to establish environment for the students to link theory to practice.

 Although  Several studies  emphasized /focused  on different supervision models and the impact they have on the nursing students’ learning .Still the supervision  model during clinical training is an crucial issue under debate  ; which is the best model to be used to minimize theory practice  gap. The   study aimed at    exploring the   first year nursing students perception when supported by Facilitator-Preceptor Model .

Design:   qualitative   phenomenological study was used to achieve the aim of study . Purposive sample consisted of 7 nursing students from An-Najah National University who have their clinical training at An-Najah University Hospital and  supervised using the facilitator-preceptor model.      Research tool; Structured interview through focus group  used  open ended question to explore  their perception regard  the preceptor-facilitator model of clinical training supervision. Open content analysis was used to find out the results.  

Results :   the main advantage of the Facilitator-Preceptor model  over  the 1:7 as perceived by students were;  focus on one students ,  more opportunities  in  performing  procedures, exposure to different cases and situations ,    discussion and reflection on cases , more fairness  evaluation based on students capability and actual performance,  higher challenges learning environment. Regard the clinical coordinator/facilitator ; the benefits as perceived by students were  follow up with student and preceptors, feedback and evaluate the learning environment and  back up  and referral for students. The main disadvantages were  shortens of time and overloaded preceptors , missed interesting cases and procedures , clinical coordinator/facilitator  approaching the students as an evaluator which lead student feel as  confused/disoriented  .  Conclusion students have positive attitude toward   Facilitator-Preceptor model .  Recommendation ; more studies is recommended to explore the perception of preceptors and clinical facilitator/coordinator. 



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2014 Nursing Day “Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice: Focusing on Clinical Teaching & Learning in Nursing
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April 15, 2014 - April 15, 2014
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