University Students’ Practices Related to Energy Conservation: A survey-based study
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Conference Paper

Energy conservation is considered one of the most important measure for improving energy sector in any country, this will reduce the amount of gas emissions and energy bill.

Palestine imports all of its needs from fossil fuels and most of electrical energy from Israel, this makes the cost and consumer prices of electricity in Palestine the most expensive compared to other countries in the region.

The residential and commercial sector in Palestine comprised of about 72% of total energy consumption which makes energy conservation in this sector feasible and effective. Building a culture of energy conservation in Palestine society to engage all family members is considered the most important action than can be taken to save energy, money, reducing the energy demand and consequently reduce gas emissions.

This paper investigates the extent to how much the students’ university are aware to energy conservation measures in their homes and university as well as the extent to how much they follow and respect the regulations for conserving energy.

A survey of about 200 students from An Najah National University that includes scientific and literature specialization had been conducted. The survey used 20 questions paper-based to investigate the university students practices related to energy conservation mainly in the residential sector.

The study based on 11 scientific hypothesis and each hypothesis was checked by the survey questions. It was found that students were interested in energy conservation issues and were aware to energy sources of Palestine.  Most of the students were ignorant to energy conservation establishments and facilities as well as the energy labels which is considered an important energy conservation measure.

It was found that students respected energy conservation measures in their homes more than university. The documentary programs and internet were the main source of energy conservation information and culture. The students were aware to the relationship between environment and energy conservation.

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Fifth International Energy Conference -Palestine
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Jan. 27, 2015 - Jan. 1, 2015
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نقابة المهندسين