The global strategy for women's , children's and Adolescent's health:  Health  System Resilience (2016-2030).
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The global strategy for women's , children's and Adolescent's health: Health  System Resilience (2016-2030).


Health systems are weak in many countries with a high burden of maternal and child mortality. Quality of care is undermined by limited human resources and infrastructure, lack of political will, and inadequate long-term planning, emergency preparedness and sustainable financing.


Essential to create the resilience needed to withstand health system shocks and to ensure continuity in the universal delivery of effective, quality services to all people at all stages of life and in all settings.


Governments should lead the development of a national health strategy that aims to strengthen all the building blocks of the health system to deliver universal health coverage: leadership and governance; health workforce; medical products; vaccines and technology; health information; health financing; and service delivery. It is also critical to define clear roles and responsibilities for all providers (public, private and not-for-profit) and to monitor performance.

Health system emergency preparedness is critical to protect health workers, provide essential health services and improve health outcomes in all settings.


Strong health systems resulted in decrease maternal, infant and child deaths.


Health systems strengthening bring collateral benefits. Employment opportunities in health and social care can drive broader socioeconomic development, improve gender equality and lead to youth empowerment. Community health work, an entry point into the labor market for many women, is an essential component of health system resilience.


  1. Equip the health workforce everywhere to provide good quality, non-discriminatory care.
  2. Prepare all parts of the health system to cope with emergencies.
  3. Ensure universal coverage of essential health intervention and life- saving commodities.                            Students name: Aseel Nazzal; Mariam Halabi ; Gannat Hamamreh ; Lawzeah Zain Al-din
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"Nurses" force for change improving health system resilience and women and newborn the heart of midwifery
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May 3, 2016 - May 4, 2016
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