Women and newborn: The heart of midwifery
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Women and newborn: The heart of midwifery

The theme of the international day of the midwifery in 2016 is women and newborn: The heart of midwifery, and below are key massages and supporting points to convey the key ideas related to the theme.

 Key massages are:-

  • Midwives care for women and newborns with skill and compassion :-
  1. Midwives are uniquely provide respectful , high quality of care for both the mother and newborn
  2. Midwives educated to international standers can provide 87% of the essential care for women and newborns.
  3.  Midwives have a key role to play and achieve sustainable development goals of reducing maternal and newborn mortality  and ensuring universal access to healthcare services
  • The best partnership for a pregnant women is with qualified midwife :-
  1. A qualified midwife can provide the best partnership for a women during pregnancy and child birth
  2. It has been shown that women who have access to a midwife experiance less problem during and after births
  3. If all women delivered with a midwife in a facility capable of providing basic emergancy care , it's estimated that 56% of maternal fetal , and newborn deaths could be prevented
  • Every women should have access to a midwife:-
  1. Every women deserve access to the high quality, skilled care provided by an educated and qualified midwife.
  2. The proven benefits of having care providing by a midwife are many, yet millions of women go through pregnancy and birth without a midwife or other professional care , this need to change
  3. Inequality in access to care persist
  •  Invest in improving the education and increasing the number of midwives :-
  1. Countries must continue to increase investments in the education of midwives and growing the midwifery workforce. It is the only way to ensure that there are enough qualified midwives to care for all women
  2. Currently only 22% of countries have enough midwives to provide the needed care. Investing in midwifery education could yield a 16-fol d return on investment in terms of lives saved and costs of cesarean sections avoided.
  3. Women and newborns of the world need midwives now and in the future. Every year, approximately 289,ooo women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth." And every year, more than z 6 million babies are stillborn. Most of these deaths could be prevented.


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"Nurses" force for change improving health system resilience and women and newborn the heart of midwifery
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Jan. 1, 2016 - Jan. 1, 2016
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An Najah university and others