Nano-Medicine and Cancer therapy: a General Overview
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Conference Paper
Cancer has increased in the last years, and is becoming a major public health problem in Palestine and many other parts in the world. According to the health annual report 2013 of the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH), cancer is considered the third leading cause of death in the Palestinian society after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (representing 11% of total deaths). It is important to note that tens of million dollars is spent annually on the treatment of cancer cases locally and abroad. However, the existing anticancer drugs have many withdraws such as the serious side effects and the raised resistance of the traditional chemotherapy. Therefore, there is a huge demand to develop a new strategy to fight this lethal disease. One of the promising approaches is the targeted nano-medicine to fight cancer. Nanomedicine has shown obvious benefits in comparison to the traditional chemotherapy such as increase the targeting efficacy, enhanced permeability and retention, improved the half lives and consequently decreases the side effects. Therefore, in this overview different aspects will be discussed: 1. An overview of solid tumors and their characteristics. 2. The drawbacks of conventional chemotherapy. 3. The huge advantages of nanomedicine in fighting cancer in comparison to traditional cancer treatment. 4. The new approaches in drug and gene deliveries and their benefits in cancer therapy. 5. Challenges and opportunities.
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8th Palestinian Pharmaceutical Conference
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May 3, 2016 - May 5, 2016
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نقابة الصيادلة الفلسطيني