Effect Of Aqueous Extracts From Five Species Of Salvia On Spontaneous Contractile Activity Of Isolated Rabbit Ileum
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Conference Paper

The recognition of what nature can offer was based on the historical use of medicinal plants for various diseases. This has led to a global interest in the study of medicinal plants and their traditional uses are increasing the scientific validation of the therapeutic potential of medicinal plants. The herb Salvia is wildly distributed throughout different locations in West Bank. In spite of the presence of several species of Salvia, only Salvia fruticosa has long been used locally to relief intestinal pains and diarrhea. However, literature revealed that studies have not been reported for other different Salvia species in the region. Therefore, the aim of the present work was to examine the effect of aqueous extracts from five Salvia species on the spontaneous contractile activity of rabbit ileum using organ bath system. The effect of aqueous extracts from S. dominica L., S. fruticosa Mill., S. judaica Boiss., S. lanigera Poir. and S. viridis L were studied on smooth muscle contractile activity from rabbit ileum. Our results show that all prepared extracts produce significant spasmolytic effect on rabbit ileum at a concentration of 0.2 mg/ml. The greatest effect was produced by S. dominica. The obtained data suggest that the crude extract of the five investigated Salvia species possessed spasmolytic bioactivity. This study could provide sound pharmacological basis for the medicinal use of Salvia wild species (Sage) in hyperactive gut disorders, such as abdominal colic and diarrhea. The recorded spasmolytic effect of the examined plant species might be the platform for their therapeutic effectiveness in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and future use in traditional medicine.

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1st National Conference on Applied Biomedical Sciences
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April 20, 2015 - April 20, 2015
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Arab American University